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6th Skate-A-Thon - Skate 4 Help 4 Refugee Children

6th Skate-A-Thon – Skate 4 Help 4 Refugee Children!

Sponsor:  Munich Lions Club Multinational e.V.

When:      Sunday, 12th March 2017, 1300-1700.

Where:     Eis- und Sportzentrum Ost, Staudingerstrasse 17, 81735 München-Neuperlach  


 The 6th Skate-A-Thon will be a great sociable and sporting afternoon that brings together families and friends.  In a charity initiative to support refugee children, Munich Lions Club Multinational is sponsoring the 6th annual Skate-A-Thon. More than 300 expected participants, families, sports groups, company and club teams will participate in 3 runs on the 400 meter ice rink (which features artificial ice for skating up to 20 degrees C).  Come on out! 

 There will be three 30-minute slots for your skating participation so you get to choose the one that best fits your availability:

 Round 1:  1300-1330

Round 2:  1400-1430

Round 3:  1500-1530

Historically the Skate-A-Thons feature participants 5 to 80 years old and from beginners to experts.  The participants start as a team.  Then the skaters on each team complete as many laps as possible during the 30 minutes. 

During the weeks before the event, each skater gathers as many personal sponsors as possible.  The Sponsor agrees to contribute a specified amount for each lap the skater completes.

Of the money generated from the skating participation, 50% will be used for scholastic support of young refugee children. The other 50% will be awarded to the winning team for its use.    

The 2016 Skate-A-Thon was a great success, featuring 300 participants in 29 teams.  They completed 1,886 kilometers during the allotted times, and the total donation reached Eur 20,000.  The 2017 goal is to double this success.  

For many years now, the outreach team of the Lions Club Munich Multinational has supported the school and professional education of youths with goods and monetary donations and is now intensifying this support, in co-ordination with SchlaU (Trägerkreises Junge Flüchtlinge e.V.), FlüB&S (Münchener Volkshochschule) and KIKUS (Zentrum für kindliche Mehrsprachigkeit e.V.)

For those who would like to try out the ice rink and meet members of the Lions Club in advance, the Lions Club is holding a “Social Skating” get together on Tuesday, 14th February at the Eis- und Sportzentrum in Neuperlach. The skating starts at 2000, and afterwards all can gather at the Stadionrestaurant to warm up and enjoy Glühwein. 

For further information, you may contact: 

Simone Dumermuth-Eberhard, Präsidentin Lions Club München-Multinational

Tel: 0172 8624696, e-mail:

Edward Strauss, Präsident des Hilfswerks des Lions Club München-Multinational e.V., Tel.: 0160 892 01 00, e-mail:

Günther Kopperger, Organizer oft he Skate-a-Thon

Tel.: 0177 241 21 23, e-mail: