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MING Event - Long Night of the Consulates

Long Night of the Consulates – Thursday, 21st June


General Information

When:   Thursday, 21st June 2018

Time:    1800-2200 (general for all 14 participating Munich-area consulates).

How about trying Kosher wine at the Jewish Museum at the Consulate-General of the State of Israel, folding origami in the Museum der Fünf Kontinente at the booth of the Consulate General of Japan, or listening to a Georgian pianist at the Honorary Consulate of Georgia?  You can package your individual world tour at the "long night of the consulates.”  The exciting program includes theater, music, film, painting and culinary delights.  You can also gain an insight into the work of the consulates, and learn about the various countries and their cultures and sights. For further details, please check out the brochure to the "long night of consulates", which you can find at:

Participants in the Long Night of the Consulates will be able to get a better idea of the scope of work performed by the consulates and their related culture organizations while learning more about the respective countries, their cultures and most noteworthy points of interest. 

Please be sure to bring your passport or picture ID.  Also there may be random security checks. Please avoid bringing large bags.  Note that some consulates (e.g. USA, Sri Lanka and Romania) require prior registration.  Details appear in the above online brochure. 

Special Evening at the U.S. Consulate

Where:  U.S. Consulate Munich, Königinstr. 5, 80539 Munich

Time:    Four 1-hour time slots, starting at 1800, 1900, 2000 or 2100

Sign-up:  By 15th June at -

Bring With:  Photo ID

The US Consulate Munich will feature:

  • Stands representing some US states, especially with regard to tourism.
  • Watching an American film with its filmmaker.
  • Listening to American movie music with live performances.
  • Enjoying American hot dogs, hamburgers, snacks and drinks (at reasonable prices)

Please note that the participant numbers are limited.  You need to sign up by Friday, 15th June at  Sign up information needs to include your first and last names, birth dates, nationality and request time slot – i.e. 1800, 1900 or 2000.