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AGBC Exchange

Do you have special interests, pertinent knowledge, or valuable skills that would benefit the AGBC community? Through the AGBC Exchange we provide a platform for our members to showcase themselves and their skills to a forum of between 60-100 like-minded individuals.

What is the AGBC Exchange?  The exchange concept consists of a set of presentations and workshops led by knowledgeable AGBC members and developed to enable the exchange of ideas and expertise. This is an event that members and guests (many of whom are small - midsized business owners) attend in order to gain new ideas, make connections, and personally develop their skills. The workshops provide the participants a value-added platform for stimulating interactive discussion. With separate forums covering topics such as Entrepreneurialism, New Media, Marketing, Personal Development, Technology, and Trans-Atlantic Legal issues, there is always something for everyone. 

The standard format is based on 3 rounds of presentations/workshops. Each round is 45 minutes long and features 3 workshops taking place simultaneously (so there are ultimately 9 workshops total). At the breaks between the workshops, there is plenty of opportunity for networking. 

As the first of two Exchange events planned for 2014, the event will take place on 17 May at the European University on Theresienhöhe. The agenda is the following:

0900-0930  Registration and coffee

0930-0945  Introduction

1000-1045  Session 1

1100-1145  Session 2

1200-1245  Session 3

1245-1315  Bier-tasting with Locke McKenzie

1315-1345  Buffet

1345-1430  Members Meeting

Interested? Please contact Locke McKenzie ( with a short description of you workshop presentation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Notes for the Presenters: 

1.  The workshops center on adding value for the attendees. The focus should be on informative and often interactive sessions that provide the participants take-aways that they can use for their own business situations. Of course, the presenters may mention their companies at the start or finish of the workshop, but the presentations should not involve company pitches, etc. This approach has proven successful for many presenters in generating interest in their organizations with the potential to generate business as well.  

2.    While participating in the exchange as a presenter costs nothing, the presenter must be an AGBC member (or an employee of a company with an AGBC corporate membership).

Later Event: May 22