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AGBC Monthly Meeting

Leading with Appreciation


It’s not a sin to calculate – Why appreciative leadership is valuable


Many studies tell us that the "silent termination" (“innere Kündigung”) is epidemic in many companies. Dissatisfaction with the direct supervisor is a leading cause for employee termination, causing invisible but huge corporate and human losses. How does one motivate employees, team Members, colleagues, and even business partners and bosses to give top performance and enjoy work?


Prof. Andreas Otterbach will lead a discussion at our February monthly meeting to help us better understand how to motivate our teams by instilling a motivational, trust-based atmosphere, one that focuses on praise, liberation, and authentic, personalized appreciation while reducing levels of criticism and control and avoiding needs for the use of impersonal monetary incentives. Informative and profound, he uses practical examples to demonstrate how appreciation not only leads to a higher motivation but also to better bottom line results. Additionally appreciative leadership can be implemented more easily than might be assumed. 


Andreas Otterbach is Professor for Business Administration and Management at the Stuttgart Media University as well as a speaker and trainer for Appreciative Leadership. Born in Stuttgart in 1965, he studied Business Administration at the University of Bamberg and earned his Ph.D. in economics there in 1996. With a focus on marketing and sales, he then worked in a variety of different expert and executive positions with Citibank, Baden-Württembergische Bank and Deutsche Capital Management. From his own experience, he knows very well the necessity of showing appreciation towards colleagues, employees and business partners.

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Later Event: March 5
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