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Book Reading - Dana Newman and “You Go Me on the Cookie!” 

Book Reading - Dana Newman and “You Go Me on the Cookie!” 


When:   Thursday, 18th July

Time:    1800-1930 

Where:  Hugendubel am Stachus, Karlsplatz 11-12, 80335 Munich

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 As already mentioned in our May 2019 AGBC Munich monthly newsletter, Dana Newman is an American author and video creator who moved from South Florida to Europe after graduating from the University of Florida.   She continues to “v-log” on her YouTube channel, Wanted Adventure, covering a range of topics - cultural differences, the German language, and her experiences living abroad in Germany.

 German is an elegant and interesting language … and a challenging one for non-native speakers who learn it as a 2nd or 3rd (or 4th) language. 

 On Thursday, 18th July at Hugendubel am Stacchus, she will be doing a “reading” of some key parts of her insight-loaded book “You Go Me on the Cookie!”  She will focus on reading about her experiences learning German and how unusual, illogical and, yes, frustrating...but also beautiful and incredibly fascinating … the German language can be.

 The book is in German and the paperback is available at bookstores in Germany as well as online as a paperback and e-book.