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When:  Sunday, 27 October 2019 at 16:00Where:  Herkulessaal in the Münchener Residenz, Residenzstr. 1, 80333 Munich

Cost:  Kat. 1 - 37,30 EUR, Kat. 2 - 29,40 EUR, Kat 3 - 21,60 EUR



Music Unlimited is an broad-scaled, integrated choral and orchestra project that includes performances by the Munich International Choral Society, the Regenbogenchor München, the Swiss Philharmonic Academy Choir and Orchestra and renowned soloists and young national and international award winners.   They will perfom both the Mozart Requiem and Beethhoven’s Violin Concert.

This is an inclusive cultural project in which the performers co-operate with various Munich institutions to support people in „special life“ situations. These institutions receive blocks of tickets at special prices so that many people who might not otherwise, can experience the performance of these two outstanding musical works plus the opportunity hear the  concert in the Hercules Hall. In addition, trans- generation issues and valuable experiences will be shared to benefit future aspiring artists.

The project brings together participants of three choirs, each with its own  origin, culture, language, and way of life.  Led by Mary Ellen Kitchens (Munich) and Martin Studer (Zurich), each with more that 25 years experience, the groups will shape a common body of music in the world-renowned, magnificent Herkulessaal in the Munich Residence.  This will truly be an inclusive and innovative project featuring unlimited music - on all levels!

 Special note:  The MICS is now seeking sponsors to help defray the event cost which is estimated at Eur 32,000.  This support can be in the form of donations or purchasing of a block of tickets.  Also, sponsors can buy advertisements in the program  - 1/2 Page for 120 EUR, and whole page for 200 EUR.  Contact:  Ms. Magdale Labbe Henke at

 Founded in 1982 as the German-American Choral Society, the Munich International Choral Society (MICS) has always supported international understanding, intercultural exchange and social engagement.  It is composed of 45 people coming from different countries and with multi-faceted interests – a group that sings together for fun and passion.  The MICS performs a colorful, pronounced international repertoire that spans different eras and styles. The concert programs often associate masterpieces of choral literature with lesser-known, but lovely compositions.  Special focus is placed on vocal and musical training, featuring weekend get-togethers and work in small groups.