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Concert by Song Poet Torsten Riemann

Institute of Charismology – Concert by Song Poet Torsten Riemann

What:    Concert by Song Poet Torsten Riemann (in German)

Promoted by:  Naomi Isaacs, AGBC Member, Founder of the Institute of Charismology

When:   Saturday, 5th May, 2018

Time:    2000-2300

Where:  KIM-Kino Einsteinstraße 42 im Kulturzentrum Einstein, 81675 Munich

Concert only Price:    Eur 25. 

Combined price - Concert (5th May) and Breakfast (6th May) – Eur 45 - Special additional offer for first 10 concert-goers who sign up – Breakfast on Sunday 6th May, 1000-1300 with Torsten and Naomi.  The seats must be booked in advance.

Information and Reservations:

The Institute of Charismology presents a concert with a new and unusual concept. We are proud to welcome the Song poet Torsten Riemann – also choir leader and life coach. Herr Riemann, who hails from Berlin, was last heard in Munich many years ago together with the renowned cabarettist, Helmut Ruge.

“Riemann captures his audience with his passion but with no attempt to ingratiate himself. Tenderly and compassionately he lays open to us the people in his songs. ...” Mäarkische Allgemeine

“Free of expectations and full of curiosity, I let myself in for this – as it turned out – very special evening of Stories and Songs. When Torsten Riemann shoots an arrow, it hits everyone who’s listening, without exception. And once hit, you are affected, each in your own way. One is brought face to face with oneself, relentlessly and honestly. An evening which deeply touched heart and soul. Thank you!“  a concert attendee

More information and reservations: