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Irish business network Event: Data is the new gold

Irish business network Event:  Data is the new gold

When:   Wednesday, 28th October 2015

Time:    1900-2200

Where:  Globe Business College Munich, Art Deco Palais, Arnulfstrasse 58

              80335 Munich, Germany

Cost:     Free Admission

Registration Required:

Society, business and each of us are being impacted by the availability and analysis of data. Has 1984’s Big Brother finally arrived or will this data revolution empower individuals and businesses to improve our lives. A top class panel of experts in this field will have a discussion on these topics. You are invited to engage with our panelists  and to participate with comments, questions and ideas. We anticipate a lively, interesting and enjoyable conversation.  

How is data driving excellence in our business and individuals?

The panelists will discuss cross industry topics such as  

  1. Trust drives relationships. Do companies respect their customers ? Can our legal system continue to support and regulate  these trusted relationships and maintain our data privacy ?
  2. How does data drive employee happiness ? Does data optimize or dominate our working lives  ?
  3. When will the pricing impact , positive or negative, for insurance and related industries  be realized by the consumer ?
  4. Does the long tail impact of data enable craft and niche businesses to directly understand and service  consumer needs ?

· 19.00 – 20.00 Registration, Welcome
· 20.00 – 20.15 Dr Alex Linden challengers the debaters
· 20.15 – 21.15 Data debate
· 21.15 – 22.00 wine & water

Dr Alexander Linden Research Director, Gartner
Jonquil (Brookes) Hackenberg Associate partner Infosys
Des Field Corbett, Strategist Digital incubator
Pasquale Grippo, Information management specialist,
Suresh Nampuri, Researcher in String Theory and Mathematics,
Jens Kallmeyer, Ab initio, account manager,
Niko Radouniklis Data Reply Founder