MING - 15 Jul 2014 Meeting


Raum EG 1

Albert-Roßhaupter-Straße 8 
81369 München


15 Jul 2014 Meeting



Antonia Heigl – Amerika Haus Verein

Joan Totman – AAUPW – Association of American University and Professional Women

Ellen Pabst von Ohain – Boy Scouts

Meghan Driscoll – Democrats Abroad

Erich Wölfinger and Uli Dornseifer – Deutsch-Amerikanischer Herren Club (DAHC)

Ulrike Kellner and Andrea Lehner – German-American Women’s Club (GAWC)

Hope Moore – Munich International Women’s Club (MIWC)

Tina Huesing – Thunderbird Alumni Group (and in future - Lions Club München-Multinational – see point 5 below)

Larry Schulz – American-German Business Club e.V. (AGBC) and German-American Business Association (GABA)


The meeting started at 1905. 


1.  MING Events - 2nd half of 2014

a.  Munich Cowboys game - Saturday, 23 Aug.  Action:  Larry Schulz is to check on possibility for Democrats Abroad to have a “US Get Out the Vote” table at the game.   

b.  Amerika Haus Verein – The German-American Relationship, early October, shortly after 3rd Oct (Day of German Reunification).  Action:  Antonia Heigl is organizing this.  It will feature a panel of experts who will discuss the current factors impacting the relationship.  Key new idea given especially some recent developments!

c.  GAWC Silbertee, Tuesday, 4th November.  It will again be held in the Kaisersaal at the Residenz.  Doors open at 1615 with program start at 1700.  For reservations, please E-mail Ulrike at ulrikekellner1@gmail.com.

c.  MIWC Christmas Bazaar – daytime event on 12 November.  Due to insurance costs, this will likely be limited to MIWC members and guests.

d. Thanksgiving - Gut Nederling – Saturday, 29 November – Linda Jo Rizzo is organizing this event. 

e.  Sing Along at Amerika Haus – Thursday, 11th December – Linda Jo Rizzo is organizing this event.  Amerika Haus may also have a Christmas Carol event so there could be a need to keep the two events separate. 



2.  2014 Newcomers’ Festival –  This was to be held Nov 2 but is now postponed until Sunday, 22nd Mar 15.  Elisabeth Egger of Expat in the City team leads the event with the support of the Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft of the Landeshauptstadt München.

a.  English-based event run by Expat in the City team to especially help newly-arrived international people get settled in the Munich scene and to support the emerging needs of such people already here.

b.  Venue – Alte Kongresshalle near the Theresienwiese (Schwanthaler Höhe)

c.  Main thrust involves local companies that help new arrivals with their relocation and settling in.  They will be located on the main floor.

c.  Participating networking groups would be located in the mezzanine.  For the participation cost (proposed cost of Eur 200 per group), each group would receive a stand-up table, 2 chairs, space for group sign.  (After the meeting, Larry checked on network group participation costs charged at previous Newcomers’ Festivals – this was about Eur 200 per group)

d.  The event is of interest to some, but not all, MING groups – of the 10 groups represented at the meeting, 5 might be interested.

e.  Given the fact that MING groups are non-profit ones, it was felt that the participation cost was high and might preclude participation of some interested groups.  Action:  Larry Schulz to discuss with Elisabeth Egger. 


3.  Website – Neal Paulus has returned to the US and can only provide very limited website support in the future. 

a.  MING website (www.ming-in-munich.com) - Questions?   

  i. Action:  Larry Schulz to send instructions for updating the events calendar at ming-in-munich.com to Ulrike, Andrea. Tina and Hope. (Done 19 Jul 14)

  ii.  Need to check the group links on the website to make sure they work and/or to set them up.  Action:  Larry Schulz

 iii.  General website clean-up.  Drop old meeting protocols and remove old events or move them to a Past Events category.  Action:  Larry Schulz

b.  Moving forward - Any interested IT'lers out there? – Attendees to check with their groups to see if anyone is interested in supporting the technical issues related to the MING website.


4.  Amerika Haus update and upcoming specials – Antonia reported that the Amerika Haus building renovation is now scheduled to start in the summer of 2015.  This is due to delays in preparing the building at the Lotterie that will house the Amerika Haus organization during the renovation process.


5.  Others Business – We will add Lions Club München-Multinational to the list of MING participants, bringing the total to 16.  Action:  Tina Huesing to provide logo and short description of their organization.  (Done – 16 Jul 14)


The meeting ended at 2005.

Respectfully submitted,


Larry Schulz

Posted on August 3, 2014 .